Office Move

Office Move

Has your business grown exponentially forcing you to move to a newer and bigger location? Are you planning to move out of Sydney to another city for efficient management of your business? Or, are you downsizing your real estate space and simply moving across the street. If you answer is yes, then give us a call. IT Helps is one of the pioneers in the field of IT Infrastructure relocation. We can seamlessly and effortlessly arrange this transition. We make sure your IT environment is up and ready in the new location even before your employees ease into their seats.

IT Helps also provides services such as temporary disconnection and restoration in case your office is about to undergo painting / redecoration etc. Although it is a proud moment for businesses to expand and refurbish business premises it can also be a daunting task to dismantle and revert back. The complexity of the network and server systems can simply send nontechnical workers into a tizzy. Not for us. We are professionals dealing with these situations on regular basis.

Post transition, IT Helps keeps in touch with the customers via telephone and internet. This simply means even small troubles typically arising out of reassembling of network environment are quickly addressed. Need to know more about our IT relocation services for moving companies? Yes? Then call us today..

I the l ps leverages our proven methodology to optimize costs, reduce risk, and achieve a faster return on investment

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