Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Internet marketing is the process of improving the presence of a website or a product in search engines like Google,yahoo,Ask,Bing, MSN and many more via the “natural” or un-paid  search results. Other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) is target paid listings like pay per click . When a user/client opens google or yahoo search engine they type a keyword in the search bar like if a person is looking for a web site design company he might search for web design, website designing or web site development in his search bar. According to the search engine optimization SEO of the sites search engine will display the results. Goolge will also show the competitors who are competing for that keyword. Let us say for example a customer looks for keyword ITSupport in google they will get the results with the details of competition word  e.g About 21,400,000 results (0.13 seconds).When you scroll down to number 6-7 you will find in the list of search results.This is a typical example of search engine optimisation.

For maintaining the top rank in the search engines the companies must have to work continuously on the search engine optimisation SEO and Internet marketing. When a client orders a web site designing to the Web site designing company the company with good experience in the field always advise the customer to register a name which is SEO friendly. Like if you are going to open a e-commerce website for clothes look for a name like or clothesonline etc…

Web site designing is not just buying a template from the net then modifying the colors and text then making it online.Designing a Web site is a science so that search engines easily find the pages and index them. The goal for SEO is to have your page be in the top 10 results of a search. Optimization includes the choice of words used in the text paragraphs and the placement of those words on the page…” This may be very true, but SEO professionals know there is so very much more to do.

Some of the Techniques can be used for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Canonical Issues: Please make sure your site has not got duplicate links like .html, .php and default.htm

Orphaned Pages: There should be link to all pages.

Content: The content has be written in very professional manner and has to be relevant with your keywords.

Sitemaps – Use sitemaps to not only keep the site together.

Naming Conventions – Use proper naming conventions.

Identify the power of Social Networking: Use social networking sites like Facebook nad twitter.Create a good ,informative and professional profile so people will read the articles and follow them.

Quality submissions not volume submissions: Try to write the original content and place it on other blog sites etc. Write informative information rather than using 20 keywords again and again.

Use CMS(Content Management System):Try to design and develop your site with Content management System such as Joomla,Wordpress or Droopal etc which will help you in maintaining and modifying your site on routine basis.It also helps you in creating search engine friendly URL’s and links.You can use hundred’s of plugins with your CMS system like for optimization of word press you can use.

Google XML sitemaps

All in one SEO


Sitemap generator

SEO search terms tagging.

Local Advertisement: Try to place your site link in the local sites. Nowadays many websites allows you to place your website name and description into their websites free of cost.

Blog writing: Try to write some blogs about your industry and update them frequently

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